10 obligations on your trip to Barcelona

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1. Walking along Las Ramblas in Barcelona:

Doesn’t matter how many times you stay in Barcelona, but you have to walk along Las Ramblas. It is the most famous street in the city. The street is full of attractions: museums (Museum of Wax, Erotic Museum, etc ...), human statues, artists painting portraits or cartoons and more. But human statues of La Rambla are certainly the most famous attraction in this street.

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2. Visit Boqueria Market: Another must visit is La Boqueria market. The wide variety of food specialties that can be found in La Boqueria market, have become de Sant Josep market a major attraction not only for tourists and visitors, but also for the people of Barcelona. Because of this wide range of products, one of the features that stand in La Boqueria is the colour of your stops. It is very unusual to find tourists taking pictures of the stops as if in front of a monument.   

3. Visit Sagrada Familia:

Sagrada Familia is one of Barcelona’s most famous landmarks in the city, possibly the most famous. It is also known as the “Cathedral of the poor” and was designed by Antonio Gaudi. La Sagrada Familia is all year surrounded by tourists and always there are important tails to visit it. It is quite close to the city centre, in a very well connected (bus, subway) and full of restaurants, shops and accommodations. The Barcelona Tourist Bus also has one stop there.

4. Visit La Pedrera (Casa Milà): La Pedrera, also known as Casa Mila, is one of the masterpieces of Antoni Gaudí. In Barcelona, after the Sagrada Familia, is probably the most visited monument and admired. It is also one of the key points of Barcelona’s Modernist route. The wonderful monument of La Pedrera is located in the famous Passeig de Gràcia, at its intersection with Calle Provenza.   

5. Go to eat tapas: Always there is a moment to relax. A good option is to go for eat tapas.Although Barcelona anywhere you can eat tapas, there are some areas like El Born or Poble Sec where there are plenty of small bars with a variety of tapas and great prices. There are plenty of tapas in Barcelona Barcelona because there are plenty of dishes to taste. Enjoy them! 

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6. Visit Park Güell: If you visit Barcelona, you’ll want to see as much of Gaudí. So another visit you can not miss is the Parc Güell. Located on the top of the Gràcia district, the Parc Güell is a landscaped park designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí and full of architectural elements Gaudi-style. In fact, if you complete the Modernist route in Barcelona, this is a point to visit. The Parc Güell is open all year from 8am to 21pm. The easiest way to get there is with the Barcelona metro, getting off at Lesseps (Line 3 – Green Line) and walk a bit to the entrance of the park.      

7. Take Tourist Bus: If you have little time to visit Barcelona, we recommend you take the tourist bus to take a look at the many monuments of our city. You can stop those who want or see them only in passing. But it is a good way to see pretty thing in Barcelona and take some good pictures. During the ride, passengers Barcelona Tourist Bus have an audio system in three languages ​​that acts as a guide, explaining history, details and curiosities of different points of Barcelona

8. Take for a walk in Barcelona beaches: Do not forget that Barcelona also has sea. Whether winter or summer, it’s always a good time to walk through the maritime part of the city, see the areas that grew thanks to the 1992 Olympics. Enjoy the sea and its recreation area full of restaurants, shops …          

9. Shopping in Barcelona: As in any big city, shopping in Barcelona is always a pleasure. Enjoy the famous Shopping Line (Axis Purchasing) of about 5 KM’s in Barcelona and extending from the top of Las Ramblas, through the Plaza de Catalunya along Passeig de Gracia and Avenida Diagonal. Most of this commercial hub is located in pedestrian areas, with large sidewalks, so you can stroll and shop safely.         

10. Going out in Barcelona at night: And night comes and with it more fun. Among the Top 10 things to do in Barcelona you have to enjoy the night! Some of the neighbourhoods where they find more atmosphere for a night out in Barcelona are: the Gothic Quarter, Raval and La Rambla area, places that are also very touristy during the day. At these sites, at night will also find plenty of bars and pubs, and very different environment. The Born district is one of the trendiest neighbourhoods for a night out in Barcelona. You can dine, have a drink and go dancing in clubs like Magic. The left side of the Eixample, near the Aribau, Casanova and Consell de Cent, is a very cosmopolitan and with all options for a night out in Barcelona: bars, restaurants, clubs and even themed bars       

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